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Floor Care
Floor Care


  • Anti-fatigue matting
  • Blue Concentrate no rinse floor cleaner
  • Citrus Scrub N Shine cleaner/restorer
  • Doodlebug pads & holders
  • Eccothane urethane fortified finish/sealer for all floors
  • Entrance matting
  • Floor pads for buffing, burnishing and stripping - all sizes and colors available
  • Floor Science spray buff
  • Gelcon cleaner/restorer spray buff gel
  • Green Finish Green Seal Certified floor finish
  • Green Strip Green Seal Certified Floor Finish stripper
  • KaiMotion waxing system
  • Microfibre floor tools and pads
  • Mop N Buff restorer/spray buff concentrate
  • Nutralux neutral floor cleaner concentrate
  • Peelzit H.D. heavy duty stripper
  • Pro Link neutralizer packets
  • Pro Link sweeping compound
  • Pro Link Winter Rinse salt & ice melter residue cleaner
  • RFS floor sealer
  • Salt-B-Gone Concentrated salt residue remover & corrosion inhibitor
  • Solaris floor finish with new XP2 polymer technology. Wet look finish!
  • Sport Kote gym floor finish in Satin or High gloss. Water based. Low odor.
  • Stonethane sealer/finish for stone and concret floors
  • Wax mopheads
  • Wet floor signs
  • Winter Rinse ice melter residue cleaner
  • Wood floor cleaner  ready-to-use or concentrated cleaner for wood floors & laminate
  • X-Coat & X-Coat 22 extreme performance floor finishes. Deep gloss & high durability
  • Xlerate High Active stripper at 1 to 16 dilution. Low odor.

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